Thursday, September 24, 2009

USA vs Costa Rica

So I finally (after MUCH coaxing) convinced my housemate to come to the USMNT vs Costa Rica game in Washington DC on October 14 at RFK Stadium. This is the last time we will be able to see our boys play in the US for quite some time. Not until after the World Cup which isn't until next summer and there is still a while after that until the qualifiers for the next one start. So, suffice to say it is a pretty great opportunity.

On another note, neither of us have been to DC before and we will be there all day the next day. Anyone have any suggestions on what sites to see? Also, what kind of transportation do they offer there? We're not planning on renting a car since RFK is only 6 miles from the air port and 2 miles from our hotel. Anyways, it will be a great experience overall. A lot of firsts for us both!

Some shameless plugs for some of my boys on the US Men's National Team:
Check out my boy Stu Holden on Twitter making some big moves on the team. Also, Charlie Davies who is hustlin to score those goals! Can't wait to see you guys in action on the pitch!