Friday, October 16, 2009

Chuck Deezy (aka Charlie Davies)

Just read a great article about Charlie Davies and all his contributions to the USMNT. It really is hard to describe how I felt when I heard this tragic news of his crash early Tuesday morning. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I was so excited to see him and the rest of the team play on Wednesday, October 14 against Costa Rica live at the stadium. I had never been to a professional soccer match before and I was starting it out big by going to a World Cup qualifier. But, when I read the news about Charlie, it really dampened my excitement. He was the one I wanted to see play the most.

Ever since he made his debut in the Confederations Cup for the national team, I was a big fan. He showed more determination and hustle than any other player on the field. Something that I felt had been lacking from our team. His positive attitude and outlook really contributed something special to our national team. But due to this horrible event, he will be down for 6-12 months and probably won't be ready to participate in the 2010 World Cup next year; if he recovers fully at all. Can you imagine how it must feel to be such a rising star.. finally catching your break on your country's national team and getting picked up by another great team, Sochaux, only to have your dreams crushed by such a terrible tragedy?

It really just makes me sad.. Charlie, my prayers are with you. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you play in the World Cup next year.

Here is the goal heard 'round the world by my boy Chuck Deezy. Get well so you can outdo this one:

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